Creative TaharaH

The taharah ceremony as it is practiced in the Jewish community today typically occurs at a mortuary, performed by a team of trained Jewish participants, under strict protocols designed to provide a consistent ritual experience for all who are served.

Sacred Waters' officiants have a slightly different approach. We seek to make the ritual as beautiful and meaningful to the family that requests it as possible, and are thus open to modifications, such as:

- Location: We bring the washing ritual to you, in care facilities or at home, indoors or in a private yard.

- Participation: Family and caregivers are welcome to find a role in the ritual, from washing and dressing to singing along. Sacred Waters does not limit the ritual based on the religion, religiosity or gender of the meit or participants. It is for anyone for whom it would be appropriate and meaningful .

- Personalization: The ritual can be enhanced in ways that honor the decedent, incorporating nods to their favorite things. One family asked that Disney collectable cups from the deceased's collection be used for pouring the water. Another asked that the ritual occur poolside so that the water that the deceased so loved could be part of the ceremony.

- Non-traditional circumstances: A washing ceremony is a great way to incorporate Jewish ritual when other Jewish customs will not be practiced, such as if there will not be a public funeral. Sacred Waters is a popular choice for the growing number of Jewish people who have chosen cremation. Taharah can be 100 percent biodegradeable, well suited for casketless burial in concrete-free "green burial" cemeteries.