Dear Rabbi Avivah,
Just wanted to let you know I had what appears to be a very successful (procedure) and am already out of ICU and walking, stretching, etc.  I am very fortunate and blessed and wanted to thank you again for coming to see me.  You gave me more hope and inspiration and I am grateful for it
Thanks again.
— Hospital patient


Dear Rabbi,
Last month you visited me at the hospital and were kind enough to recite a beautiful mi sheberach, which meant so much to me.
I am not sure if you remember me, but your mitzvah will be with me forever. ...
I just wanted to write to acknowledge my appreciation for your time and prayers.
— Hospital patient


The feedback received regarding your visit was very positive and complimentary. You are ‘a keeper.’ Thank you for giving the family such a wonderful experience! You are a delight to work with.
— Hospice administrator


I had wonderful feedback from everyone about you, and it was very comforting having you lead the services. I will keep your offer for bereavement counseling in mind in the coming months. Let’s stay in touch!
— Funeral family member


I would like to thank you for your kindness and wonderful service. Though I was not at the service, I was fortunate enough to watch the service via Skype ... I stood when you said stand, I repeated what you told us to repeat and enjoyed every bit of the service.
Thank you again for proceeding over the service. You did a great job.
— Funeral family member


Dear Rabbi Avivah,
I hope this note finds you well. I want to once again thank you for all your effort in putting together a service for our mom’s passing so that would be appropriate to our family for accepting us as the people we are and having the service fit mom and our family. My brother and I both agree that we could not be more at peace with the way the service was handled.
Thank you so much.
— Funeral family member