Stu & Lori

Dear Rabbi Avivah,
Wanted to thank you and your husband for helping to make our wedding such a beautiful, perfect and meaningful event. Lori and I really appreciated the time you took to prepare, and your rendition of “Some Enchanted Evening” was perfect, set just the right tone. It was so touching to include my late mother as well, glad to know she was there in spirit.
Thanks so much.
— Wedding couple

Jillian & michael

Dear Rabbi Erlick,
Thank you again for taking so much time in getting to know us. I don’t think our ceremony would have been quite as magical (or funny!) without you leading us through the process. We knew when our friend recommended you that you would be wonderful...we just never imagined how personal and touching you would make our wedding ceremony. Really I just can’t thank you enough! Your words were beautiful and your kazoo playing was funny as all heck. Made our vows very memorable!
All our best...
— Wedding couple

Desiree & Stephen

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding! You personalized it in exactly the ways we requested and made it a very special ceremony that expressed our unique love for one another. I was soo amazed at how smooth the ceremony transitioned from one part to the next. I received so many comments on what a beautiful ceremony it was. We both felt blessed to have you there guiding us through it!
— Wedding couple

Lauren & Jason

Rabbi Avivah Erlick was extremely helpful in putting together our interfaith ceremony. She is caring, thoughtful and asks all the important questions that need to be asked. She helped us shape a beautiful ceremony that she performed just as beautifully.
— Wedding couple

Michelle & Brian

Hi Rabbi Avivah,
Our family was thrilled with the ceremony and felt that you helped set the tone for our future together. Brian loved receiving his Jewish name and was touched by the way you expressed welcoming him to the Jewish community without conversion being necessary.
We sincerely felt that everything came together beautifully and that our family ties are strengthened with each other and with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Thank you for working with us to compose a personalized celebration of our new son. You took the time and trouble to get to know us and you were generous with your time and advice. I specifically want to thank you for taking the time to listen to my personal story of Judaism and working to make certain I was comfortable with this new and unfamiliar service.
— Baby naming ceremony family

Mary Jane

Rabbi Avivah worked with me on and off over a period of a year as I completed an intensive course of study and personal growth. She was sensitive to the needs of my family, to the timeline and requirements for proper completion of my course and most importantly, to the readiness of my heart and mind as I completed my studies.
Our studies changed my life in a very real and meaningful way. I would recommend Rabbi Avivah for any job which requires sensitivity, wise council, compassion, and a gentle heart.
— Conversion student