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Wedding Officiation costs between $800 and $1,600, depending on your needs.

Standard Customized Wedding: $1,000, includes:
- Initial "getting-to-know-you" meeting over the phone.
- One in-person planning meeting with the couple, a $200 value, which becomes payable to officiant if rabbi is not hired.
- Guidance with preparations and buying religious items, such as the ketubah (Jewish wedding contract).
- Customized wedding ceremony, crafted to suit the style of the couple and event.
- Working with co-officiants (such as clergy other faiths) to develop a mutually approved script.
- A creative and touching personalized wedding sermon about the couple.
(A reduced-price officiation option of $800 can be made available under certain circumstances. Please inquire.)

Counseling Sessions: $200 each
- Premarital counseling sessions, in person or by phone. Two or three monthly sessions are recommended.

Travel Fees:
$100 a day if officiant must travel 30-50 miles from their home for meetings or ceremony.
- If ceremony is further than 50 miles away and/or requires overnight lodging or airfare, this would be negotiated separately.